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Introduce Geovillage

It is a village specialized in geopark. It provides the new type of geotourism service by utilizing local geological, ecological and cultural characteristics.


I am Mudeungsan.
I was born 87 million years ago.
He's a native of this town.
For me,
There are my family members who have loved and cared for me for a long time.
My family members are
They made rice and water from my hands,
From the dust in my arms I make pottery that resembles me.
The clean beans that I grew up in my arms.
We make delicious tofu, soybean paste, and cheonggukjang.
Fresh vegetables grown in my arms.
Serve delicious food.
We're all here in this friendly neighborhood.
A joyful change has begun.
UNESCO World Geography Park in Mudeungsan
In the name of
I am Mudeungsan and my family
And finally, we started to fall in love with the world.
(UNESCO World Geography Park is officially certified in April 2018)
They gave me a great name, Mt. AmerI.
Who loved me the way I was not developing.
To our grateful family.
Finally, I can be helpful.
The place where I played the joyful music was near me.
I became a geo village.
The pottery that contains me in it,
The stores that sell food that contains me
You have become a ' geo partner '.
Until now, I have been loved and loved by my thankful family.
As a family of Mudeungsan Gisonesco World Geography Park,
I will be stronger for our Geosile, Geo-Partner family.
We'll be even greener. We are ...
We are ...
We are ...
We are the UNESCO World Geopark in the Mudeungsan area.