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What is a geomembers?

We call the person ‘geomember’ who participating in Geopark. Various types of people come together for the Mudeungsan area and the geopark, from simply local residents who make geopark to local companies that cooperate with the geopark.

  • Geo partner
  • Geopark team
  • Local Residents
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  • What is a Geo partner?

    It includes restaurants, shops, farms and several other specialized institutions that work together to develop geological parks run by local residents, and with various geo partners, it creates richer ground parks.
  • Local Residents

    Residents of the Gwangju, Damyang, and Hwasun areas of the UNESCO World Geopark Area in the Mudeungsan area, who have enjoyed the natural heritage, history and culture of the park, play the most important role in the geological park program.
  • Geopark team

    As an organization exclusively responsible for the actual operation of UNESCO's Mudeung Geo Park Program, Gwangju-si, Hwasun, Jeollanam-do, and Damyang County are actively participating to revitalize the local economy.