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Introduce Geoeducation

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I'm bored and bored. Is there anything fun?
Then go to the Mudeungsan World Geography Park! Go!
Through various geological education programs, you can see living geological heritage.
So let's find out what we have here.

First Program Geo School
At Geogschool, you can learn all about geology such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and dinosaurs through the geological heritage of the Mudeungsan area.
You can participate in elementary school from 3rd grade to 6th grade.

Creating your own geological structure in the second program.
And I'm going to try to figure out what the Earth looks like in my own geological structure.
I'm going to use rubber clay to make a structure of the slideway.
And when we're outdoors, we're going to meet the animals and plants that live in Gwangju Lake and learn that we're part of nature.
You can participate in elementary school from the age of 6 to the second grade.

Program number three : Giocancines
At Geoscines, we see a variety of films that give us a glimpse into the geological era, and we talk about geology in the movies.
Everyone can watch it without reservation.

Program number four : Thor and Nama.
In Thor and Nama, you can learn about the formation of the Mudeungsan region and observe the Nama of Seinbong Peak caused by weathering.
Elementary school seniors through high school students can participate.

Training programs can be easily booked by the website of the Mudeungsan Geompark or by phone.
It can also be used as a free school year program, so please apply for it.
Dear Daham, We learn by having lots of fun in the geography training program of the World Geopark in the Mudeungsan area.
Participate in the Geo program where you learn to play and play.