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A landscape of stone and water made of volcanic ash

Chuweolsan Geotrail

Chuwolsan Geogress is a trail where you can experience geological features such as Gusangam Rock and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Boriam and Damyang which are small Buddhist temples sitting on the cliff.

  • Trail name

    Damyang Ch Trail

  • Healing
  • Education
  • Trekking

Formation of Natural Stream 1,000 years ago

Damyang wetland Geotrail

Damyang Wetland Geogress is a trail that observes the evolution and ecology of the natural stream wetlands, which were formed 1,000 years ago, and looks around eco-friendly villages and Bronze Age prehistoric sites.

  • Trail name

    Damyang Da Trail

  • Healing
  • Camping
  • Cycling

Damyang wetland Geotrail Details

  • D10.82km

    Damyang Wetland Information Center

  • D20.50km

    Damyang Wetland Bamboo Forest

  • D30.43km

    Damyang Wetland

  • D42.15km

    Taemok-ri Prehistoric Site

  • D51.01km

    Gold village

  • D63.39km

    Braided stream

  • D72.82km

    River joining point

  • D81.33km

    Wetlands birdwatching

  • D9

    Damyang Wetland Observation Deck

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Time required 6 hours(both ways)
  • Geoheritage 4
  • Topography·Landscape 1
  • ecology, history, and culture 5
  • Infrastructure 2
Damyang wetland Geotrail 상세코스