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Breath of the Neungju Basin tens of millions of years ago

Dinosaur·Redcliff Geotrail

It is a large lake developed in the Neungju Basin (Gwangju, Damyang, Hwasun) in the late Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic Era, patterns of sedimentary rock piled up on cliffs for tens of millions of years, and a trail where dinosaurs moved around the lake in groups.

  • Trail name

    Hwasun DR Trail

  • Healing
  • School Trip
  • Family Trip

The stone Buddha that permeates the history of the earth.

Unjusa Geotrail

Unjusa Geotrail is a trail where you experience how the geological environment infiltrates life and creates culture while enjoying the unique stone Buddhas created by volcanic ash.

  • Trail name

    Hwasun Un Trail

  • Healing
  • Silver
  • Lovely

Unjusa Geotrail Details

  • U10.46km

    Cheonbul Cheontap Photography Cultural Center

  • U20.32km

    Geological Site Guidance Center

  • U30.12km

    Nine-storied Stone Pagoda at Unjusa

  • U40.08km

    Unjusa Stratified Tuff

  • U50.11km

    Stone Buddhist Shrine at Unjusa

  • U60.24km


  • U70.07km


  • U80.20km

    Chilsung Rock

  • U90.06km

    Stone Statue of the Lying Buddha

  • U100.15km

    Unjusa landscape

  • U11

    rhyolitic lava

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Time required 3 hours(both ways)
  • Geoheritage 4
  • Topography·Landscape 1
  • ecology, history, and culture 4
  • Infrastructure 2
Unjusa Geotrail 상세코스

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