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Logo & Characters

Contains the fun of discovering and the various stories of Mount Mudeungsan.
The majestic view of Mt. Mudeungsan's Seoseok University, BI with unique geological features with huge columnar joints on the mountain

지오파크 로고 This is BI in the form of certification mark that contains the history, culture, and geological value of the time - shaped Mudeung Geo Park, which is 87 million years old.
The most important feature of Mudeung Geo Park is the vertical and horizontal geological feature of the old volcanic activity based on the hexagonal shape of the columnar joints.
Standing on top of the smooth mother-like shape of Mt. Mudeung, the ' M ' shape is used to give a vertical and straight image, while the white line in the middle represents the pleasant journey of the geograph to Mt. Mudeung.

Under Mudeungsan Mountain, the land containing stories of long periods of time such as red cliffs and Eunghoam on the floor unfolds.
The golden field of the center represents the boundaries of three regions : Gwangju, Damyang, and Hwasun. It embraces Mudeungsan Mountain with two hands, symbolizing the harmony and harmony of the three regions.
Blue symbolizes the blue nature of Mt. Mudeung, gray is the color of the stone extracted from the summit of Mt. Mudeung, orange in the middle represents the rich land of Kwangju, Damyang, Hwasun, and brown below represents the geological value of Mt. Mudeung.

  • Symbol Mark Basic

    It is formed of a hexagonal column shaped as the representative geosite of the Mudeungsan Area National Geopark. And it represents the M. D. S., the initial name of the Mudeungsan.

    심벌마크 기본형
  • Signature combination type

    A signature is a design element that combines a symbol mark and a logo type in the optimal proportion and uses the optimal signature depending on the medium, but complies with the established principles for how to combine.

    Signature combination type
  • Color

    Dedicated colors are important design elements that represent the differentiated identity of the symbol symbol symbol and should preserve the character of the symbol mark by accurately reproducing its standard color.

    • GEO BLUE

      Pantone 7699 C

      • CMYK

        C83 M58 Y40 K21

      • RGB

        R054 G089 B110

    • GEO GRAY

      Pantone 7574 C

      • CMYK

        C68 M59 Y49 K28

      • RGB

        R082 G084 B093


      Pantone 145 C

      • CMYK

        C03 M48 Y94 K06

      • RGB

        R225 G141 B042


      Pantone 160 C

      • CMYK

        C31 M71 Y98 K24

      • RGB

        R147 G082 B036


      Pantone 447 C

      • CMYK

        C0 M0 Y0 K90

      • RGB



      Pantone 7535 C

      • CMYK

        C29 M26 Y39 K0

      • RGB

        R185 G177 B157

    • GEO GOLD

      Pantone 874 C

      • CMYK

        C0 M20 Y50 K30

      • RGB

        R178 G143 B80


      Pantone 877 C

      • CMYK

        C0 M0 Y0 K40

      • RGB



Please be advised that the copyright of this material is located in the Mudeungsan Geolpark and is not for commercial use.